After School Child Care




To provide quality child care in a safe, creative, and fun environment, providing opportunities and experiences which stimulate the child’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth.


To encourage each child to have a positive self-concept.

To encourage each child to develop healthy practices and to guide them toward physical coordination.

To encourage children to relate to other children, adults, and to deal with their emotions.

To stimulate a child’s concepts and ideas about the world.

To provide and encourage stimulating language development for learning language through talking.

To provide different opportunities for each child to express their self in many ways.

To provide a stimulating program that will encourage each child to be curious and want to learn.

We believe that:       

Children should have a safe and secure, yet stimulating environment staffed by warm and caring adults.

Children should have a quiet time and place in which to do their homework, under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult who can provide appropriate assistance from time to time as needed.

Children should have a time and place to be noisy and to “blow off steam” within acceptable limits.

Children should have opportunities to participate in planning their Happy Days activities, and to choose what they are going to do from a range of age-appropriate alternatives.

Children should have opportunities to talk with caring adults who will truly listen to what they have to say.

Children should be read to, whether or not they can read by themselves.

Children should have opportunities for social interaction with each other, to cultivate old friendships as well as new relationships.

The Happy Days curriculum should provide children with opportunities to develop new skills and abilities, and to build on  and improve those they already possess.


        Happy Days will provide a program of educational enrichment opportunities including but not

        limited to the following:     

          Arts and crafts activities                                                     Current events

          Music and dance activities                                                  Fit Kids program every Tues & Thurs at YMCA

          Language arts/oral literature experience                              Swimming on Friday afternoon

          Organized Outdoor Activity (30 min per day After School, 90 min per day on Full Days)             

          Field Trips and special events

        We also offer 45 minutes a day Monday – Thursday for homework time.  Presbyterian College   

        Work Study Students are available for each grade level to help each child with their homework.


       The program shall be open to children age 4 – 12 who attend school during the regular school day.


         Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and should be accompanied by a nonrefundable registration fee of $25.00.  The Happy Days program will be staffed to maintain a pupil-teacher ratio of 10:1.  A maximum of 40 children will attend each week.  A waiting list will be taken after the limit is reached until a vacancy occurs.

DAYS AND HOURS OF OPERATION – After School Day Care – 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm

               The  Happy Days Program will be open from dismissal of school at approximately 2:30 pm until

                6:00 pm on the school days of the current school year.  Students at  all elementary and middle

                school will be transported to the YMCA by school bus or YMCA bus.  In addition, the program

                will operate from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm on all staff development, teacher in-service, and some

                holidays.  The program will be closed on the following holidays:     

                          Labor Day                                September 3, 2018

                          Thanksgiving                           November 22 & 23, 2018

                          Christmas                                December 24, 25 & 26, 2018

                          New Year’s                             January 1, 2019

                         ML King Day                            January 21, 2019

                         Easter                                    April 19, 2019 – Good Friday

                         Memorial Day                         May 27, 2019


                WEEKLY RATE FOR MEMBERS                     $55

                WEEKLY RATE FOR NON-MEMBERS           $65

               $5.00 PER WEEK DISCOUNT FOR SECOND CHILD paying full rate

                   DAILY DROP-IN RATE FOR MEMBERS               $12 PER DAY

                   DAILY DROP-IN RATE FOR NON-MEMBERS       $14 PER DAY

                For school holidays, teacher workdays, and in-service days there will be an additional charge of  

                $6.00 per day for full day care. We now accept ABC Vouchers. To qualify call Control Central at

                1-800-476-0199 or call the local DSS Office at 833-0100.

**If you cannot pay on time, please contact Patti Nelson or Laura Martin in the Business Office prior to the due date for possible arrangements for payment.

A payment contract is attached to the application.  If you contract as a full time participant, this means that you are contracted to pay for every day that our after school program is open.  This will guarentee your child's spot.  The only exceptionto this is over Christmas/New Year's Holidays and Spring Break.  If a student is out all week and you have told us that he/she will not be attending, you do not owe for that week.  We welcome drop-ins that only pay for the days they contract with us to attend, but these spots are not guaranteed.  If a full time student applies, the drop-in spot may be forfeited.

If we go on field trips or have special events, you will be notified of the additional fee in advance.  Children are discouraged from bringing electronic games as we cannot be responsible for them.  Cell phones or other camera devices are prohibited in the dressing room areas of the YMCA.  Also the only money they need to bring is for a drink if they want one from the machine, or money for field trips and special events.  Do not let children bring large amounts of money.


All children will be dropped off at the Child Care Center next to the YMCA.

You are expected to pick up your child by 6:00 pm at the Child Care Center.  All students not picked up by this time will be taken to the YMCA lobby for late pickup.

Parents are reminded that a telephone call cannot serve as authorization to pick up a child.  To avoid unpleasantness, embarrassment, and inconvenience, please insure that the release forms in our files are kept current and that names and signatures are added or deleted as needed.




Just as Happy Days staff members shall treat children with courtesy, dignity, and respect, so shall children be expected to obey the programs rules and regulations.  Participation in Happy Days is a privilege, not a right, and any child who is chronically disruptive despite staff members best efforts to work with him/her will be expelled from the program.

There will be no corporal punishment.

Verbal warning

Time out – 1 minute per age of child

Consult Director

3 days suspension

Permanent expulsion

Praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods of behavior management of children.  When children receive positive, nonviolent, and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop good self-concepts, problem solving abilities, and self-discipline.  Based on the belief,  the Happy Days Child Care Center uses a positive approach to discipline and practices the following discipline and behavior management techniques.


.    Communicate to children using positive statements

.    Communicate with children on their level.

.    Talk with children in a calm quiet manner.

.     Explain unacceptable behavior to children.

.    Give attention to children for positive behavior.

.    Praise and encourage the children.

.    Reason with and set limits for the children.

.    Apply rules consistently.

.    Model appropriate behavior.

.    Set up the classroom environment to prevent problems.

.    Provide alternatives and redirect children to acceptable activity.

.    Give children opportunities to make choices and solve problems.

.    Help children talk out problems and think of solutions.

.    Listen to children and respect the children’s needs, desires and feelings.

.    Provide appropriate words to help solve conflicts.

.    Use storybooks and discussion to work through common conflicts.


.    Inflict corporal punishment in any manner upon a child. (Corporal punishment is defined as the use of physical force to the body as a discipline measure.  Physical force to the body includes, but not limited to, spanking, hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, pushing, pulling, or slapping.)

.    Use any strategy that hurts, shames, or belittles a child.

.    Use any strategy that threatens, intimidates, or forces a child.

.    Use food as a form of reward or punishment.

.    Use or withhold physical activity as a punishment.

.    Shame or punish a child if a bathroom accident occurs.

.    Embarrass any child in front of others.

.    Compare children.

.    Place children in a locked and/or dark room.

.    Leave any child alone, unattended or without supervision.

.    Allow discipline of a child by other children.

.    Criticize, make fun of, or otherwise belittle a child’s parents, family, or ethnic groups.

Conferences will be scheduled with parents if particular disciplinary problems occur.  If a child’s behavior consistently endangers the safety of the children around him/her, then the Director has the right, after meeting with the parents and documenting behavior problems and interventions, to terminate child care services for that particular child.


Happy Days staff will be certified in first aid and CPR.  In case of a minor accident, the staff member in charge will supervise care of the child or children involved.  In the event of a serious medical emergency, the Happy Days Site Director will telephone EMS for assistance and shall notify parents immediately thereafter.  Parents are asked to insure that all of the information on their children’s medical forms in complete and correct;  and to notify the Happy Days Site Director of any changes or special conditions that may affect their children’s participation in Happy Days.


If a child becomes ill during Happy Days program hours, he or she will rest with the Site Director until arrangements can be made for him/her to be taken home.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL HAPPY DAYS STAFF ADMINISTER OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES.  Under special circumstances, the Happy Days Site director will administer prescription drugs only.  Such a drug must be in a container with a pharmacist’s label bearing (a) the name of the child, (b) the name of the prescribing physician, and (c) clear directions for administering the medication.  The child’s parent or guardian must give this to the Happy Days Site Director in person and must fill out a special form.  Parents and guardians are reminded never to send any medication to camp with their child.


Fire drills will be conducted periodically to familiarize children with procedures and exits to be used in the event of a real fire.  Tornado and Intruder drills also will be held during the season to familiarize students with the procedures to be followed.


The Happy Days Program will offer a light snack and drink each afternoon.  During full days children should bring a bag lunch for the noon meal and another snack will be offered during the morning.  Microwaves are available for heating, if necessary.  We will provide a drink for lunch.  Our program will not serve sugar sweetened beverages.  Sweet food items will be served no more than twice a week.  Snacks will consist of 1% milk, fruit, vegetables and whole grain snacks at least twice a week each.  Each menu is designed to provide a wide variety of nutritious foods that are different in color, shape, size and texture.  All of our child care menus include foods that are culturally diverse and seasonally appropriate.  We also like to introduce new and different foods and include children’s favorite recipes in our menu planning.  Menus are rotated on a two week basis to provide the children with a balance of variety and familiarity.  Menus are adapted to incorporate local and fresh in-season produce when available.


From birthday parties to holidays there are many opportunities for celebrations in our child care center.  A birthday party will be held on the first child care day of each month.  If you would like to recognize your child’s actual birthday, we request that you not send in treats or goody bags but instead send a birthday book, toy, or movie.  For holiday celebrations, a sign-up sheet with specific foods and beverages will be sent to parents.

BRING bathing suit, towel, goggles.   WEAR TENNIS SHOES.

DO NOT BRING:  Expensive electronic toys.  We cannot be responsible for them. 


We have a Ready to Play Policy!  Please send your child ready to play and have fun each day.  Your child will participate in indoor play, outdoor play, and swimming activities.  therefore, play clothes and shoes which can get dirty and allow for free and safe movement are most appropriate.  We expect parents to provide children with appropriate clothing for safe and active outdoor play during all seasons.  An old pair of shoes may be brought and left in the child's cubby.  A swim suit, towel, flip flops, and goggles (optional) are meeded on days we swim.

Staff members do not withhold opportunities for physical activity, except when child's behavior is dangerous to himself and others.  Staff members never us physical activity or exercise as punishment.  Play time or other opportunities for physical activity are never withheld to enforce the completion of learning activities or academic work.  Our center uses appropriate alternate strategies as consequences for negative or undesirable behaviors, e.g., talk with child ina calm quiet manner, reason wiwth and set limits, provide alternates and redirect children to aceptable activity, give children opportunities to make choices and solve problems, help children talk out problems and think of solutions.

Our staff receives annual training on the importance of health nutrition and standards in physical activities.  We encourage participation in all activities and appropriate clothing for easy and safe movement in indoor and outdoor play for the children and staff.

In the event of inclement weather we offer indoor physical activity using the time standards required of ABC and HEPA.  We have a large area in our childcare building and gymnasium space at the YMCA building that can accommodate a wide variety of physical play. 


          All staff will receive 26 hours of ABC certified training bi-annually.

INCLEMENT WEATHER – The After School Program will follow the Laurens County School District 56 schedule as it applies to early dismissal and snow days.

TRANSPORTATION - By signing the After School Packet, the parent gives permission to the Clinton Y Child Care Program to transport their child from school to the Child Care Center.  Also, this form gives permission for the Child Care Program to transport their child on any field trips the child has signed up to participate in.

If you cannot come by the YMCA front desk to pick up this packet, it can be emailed or faxed to you.  Call the YMCA front desk at 833-1555.