The Clinton Family YMCA is offering open registration for ‘Youth Basketball’ and Cheerleading for five (5) playing divisions and Cheer through the December 10th registration deadline. 

Age groups will be 5 – 6, 7 – 8, 9 – 10 and 11 – 12 and ages 9 – 12 for Girls in ‘Youth Basketball’ and for grades K – 6 in Cheerleading.  The cut-off age for youth basketball is December 1st.  (As an example, if a youth is currently 10 years of age but turns 11 before December 1st he/she is considered a 11 year old and play in the 11  – 12 year old age group.)

Team assignment Fall-out will be on Thursday, December 17th for all age groups and cheerleading.  Basics League ages 5 – 6 will fall-out 4:00 pm; the Mini-Mites League for ages 7 – 8 will fall-out at 4:30 pm; the Jr. Mite League for ages 9 – 10 will fall-out at 5:15 pm; Mite League for ages 11 – 12 will fall-out at 6:00 pm and the YMCA Girls League will fall-out at 6:45 pm. All cheerleaders will fall-out at 7:30 pm.  Teams will practice for two weeks beginning Tuesday, January 5th and begin League play at the YMCA or Clinton Middle School for the Mite League age group on Saturday, January 16th.  League Play will be each Tuesday, Thursday evenings and/or Saturday mornings.

Players will receive the new weather wicking basketball Jerseys specifically designed for youth basketball players and Cheerleaders will receive shirts and Pom-Poms. 

Registration fees are $45.00 for Y members Inside the City; $50.00 for Y members Outside the City; $60.00 for Non-members Inside the City and $65.00 for Non-members Outside the City.  Financial Aid and assistance is available.

The YMCA will not deny anyone the opportunity to participate in its youth sports activities.

Interested participants are encouraged to register well before the Thursday, December 10th Deadline.  For additional information and interest call the Clinton YMCA at 833-1555.