Swimming Overview

Strengthen Swimming Skills
Learn Advance Techniques

Swimming at the indoor pool.


Swim Lessons

In Y swim lessons, students learn water safety skills and work on building stroke technique. Swim lessons are available for children, teens, and adults. Group and private options are available limited times during the year. Please check our News & Events page or call the front desk 864-833-1555 to find out when swim lessons are being offered.

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Water Aerobics Classes

Group Water Aerobics Classes at the Clinton Family YMCA offer low-impact yet highly effective workouts suitable for all fitness levels. Enjoy the camaraderie of a group setting while improving cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and overall well-being. Join us in the pool for a fun and energizing fitness journey that makes a splash in your fitness routine!


Life Guard Certification

When you choose to become a life guard, you are making a commitment to be a life saver, to teach life saving skills and to be there to make a difference in our community. Whether you are looking for a fun summer job or a year-round job, the Clinton Family YMCA is the place to start! Our YMCA life guarding certification course is offered once a year for individuals ages 16 and up and gives participants the skills and knowledge needed to become certified life guards.